Five Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding

Five Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! You're engaged! This is such a special time and getting to show off your sparkly new ring never gets old.  You're embarking on a new adventure with the one you love, and you couldn't be more excited...

...until you realize you have an entire wedding to plan and aren't sure where to even begin!  Before you let the stress and anxiety get a good grip on you, take a deep breath and keep reading.

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First Steps for Planning Your Wedding

Planning your forever should be fun, memorable (in a good way!), and remind you of what's most important in it all--that you're planning a marriage more beautiful than your wedding day.

So, what should your first steps be after you've excitedly said "Yes!"?

Crunch some numbers.  Yep, I said it.  If I know you, you've already got a well-rounded Pinterest board going on with loads of inspiration and a head full of ideas.  BUT.  If you don't have an idea of how much you can spend and an idea of just how many guests you'll be inviting, making the pretty decisions will be virtually impossible.  So, sit down and have the money chat with whoever will be involved (remember to be gracious!) and begin a preliminary guest list.

Choose a venue + date.  Sure, there are a lot of wedding venues available.  But, some hold many, many people while others only hold a small, intimate group.  See why you have to know your guest list numbers first?  Now, if you've got your heart set on a certain venue, you hold the power to adjust your guest list accordingly.  If, however, your guest list is non-negotiable, you'll need to keep that number in mind when communicating with venues.  After all, you need to find the right-sized one to hold your nearest and dearest who are ready to celebrate your big day!

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Research + hire a planner.  So often, I get asked, “Why should I hire a wedding planner? If I’m able to do everything, what’s the benefit?”  Past brides can tell you exactly what the benefit is, but if you’ve never been married before, it can be difficult to make that decision.  Hiring a wedding planner isn’t just for the brides who don’t know where to start with planning.  It’s something every bride should consider; not just for yourself and your groom, but to bless your family, friends, and vendors with an amazing day as well!  Taking care of this step near the beginning of your engagement means you've got expertise in your back pocket to help you make all the other wedding decisions and save some money.

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Hire a photographer.  If you've been quietly following some photographers on social media or fell in love with one who worked with your friend, reach out as soon as you've set a date to see if they're available!  Photographers book up quickly, so it's never too early to say "hi"!  Because they work so closely with you (they're basically in your face the entire day, right?) on your wedding day, it's important to click well with them to ensure an amazing experience.  Haven't found that person yet or your dream photographer is booked?  Ask around for recommendations from your planner, friends, on social media, or the photographer who's already booked.  The wedding industry is a tight network, and we're always happy to refer our friends to new brides.

Think about your vision.  Now that you've set a budget and date, selected a venue, and hired the beginning of your professional dream team, you can start narrowing down your inspiration, choosing meaningful details, and selecting other vendors who fit the bill.  This is the fun part full of design boards, dress shopping, linen selections, and hair trials.  :)

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While planning a wedding starts with some not-so-fun decisions and a little stress, remember to focus on each other and the bigger picture.  You're getting married and preparing to spend the rest of your lives together.  Don't let the nitty-gritty stresses and inevitable challenges come between you.  Keep choosing to love each other every day because the world needs more strong marriages and true love.

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