Planning Your Wedding Budget

Planning Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding budget...sounds terrible, right?  Why, oh why, does it have to be one of
the first steps of planning your big day?!  It's probably going to be awkward, uncomfortable, and make you want to hide, but it doesn't have to be that way!

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While setting the budget definitely has to be one of the first things you tackle when planning your wedding (so the rest of the planning process is amazing and simple!), I'm here to help you dig in and keep it manageable and less uncomfortable.

Pause for a heart check.

First things first: have a heart check moment.  When you think about your wedding day and all the pretty details you've been dreaming of, ask yourself a few questions. 

  • Is this detail really important to us? 
  • Will it be memorable? 
  • Will said detail enhance my guests' experience and/or our experience as bride and groom? 
  • Would I rather have this detail or ___ amount of money to spend on a vacation, down payment, or something else that matters to us?

By thinking through why you want what you want, you can explain why it's important to you and navigate the cost a little easier.  Who knows, maybe you'll even trim a few of those "really important" things down when you realize you don't actually need/want them that much!

Have the money talk.

All weddings are a celebration of a new marriage.  What makes them most beautiful is when they're a reflection of the couple and thoughtfully designed.  Whether you and your fiance are footing the bill yourselves or your parents or grandparents are contributing, remember to approach "the money chat" with grace.

I love this from Southern Weddings: 

"No matter what, remember to go into any negotiation with a grateful heart, and without expectations or a sassy attitude."

Remember to be articulate, listen with an open heart, and know that these people love you and want your wedding day to be as special as you do!

Do not go into debt!

I probably don't need to include this because you're a smart, savvy couple.  But, just in case: do NOT go into debt over your wedding!  No one day, no matter how happy, is worth starting your marriage off on the wrong foot financially.

You're halfway through the budget slog!  Sit down to figure out what really matters to you, have a sweet conversation with your fiance and parents if you need to, and make a promise not to go into debt for your big day.  Next week, we'll jump into prioritizing your budget and which categories to allot money to.

Prioritizing Your Wedding Budget

Prioritizing Your Wedding Budget