5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Cake

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Cake

These vendor-perspective posts are quickly becoming some of my favorites.  You can see the first two here and here.  When I first started thinking about who I could ask to come on board, the sweet Marcia from The Dessert Room immediately came to mind.  She owns an incredibly storefront in Westdale where Cupcake Thursdays are the greatest thing in the world and creates the most magical wedding cakes and dessert bars.  So, when I asked her for some insight for brides, this is what she said.

Here are some things that I wish they knew and should think about:

Send all the info. 

Send as much info about your day as you can (date, venue, number of guests, vision, etc).  It helps paint a picture so that your cake decorator can provide you with accurate, quality information. The more they know the more they can tell you.

Plated Course or Late-Night Option.

Will your cake be the plated dessert course or the late-night option? This influences the number of servings required (by a lot!).  It’s the difference between every guest getting a slice or only those who feel like cake after they’ve been dancing the night away.


“Nobody eats the cake.”

There’s a common misconception that "no body eats the cake".  Usually, it’s because no one knows that the cake has even been cut and served.  If you want to make good use of your delicious cake and the money you spent on it, make sure to have the MC or DJ make a loud, very clear announcement that the cake has been cut and served and tell guests to go help themselves.  You'll find there won't be much left!

Trust your vendors.

Pinterest inspiration is a great starting point, but trust your vendors and give them creative freedom. Trust me, it'll lead to the best results!  Telling your cake decorator the details of your story will help him/her create the most magical cake that’s one-of-a-kind instead of another Pinterest copy.  Inspiration + your unique love story + trusting your decorator’s talent = the best. cake. ever.


Be upfront about your budget.

When you’re open about what you can spend, you won’t get suggestions that go way above your budget.  Being transparent eliminates the need to suddenly revise the whole plan when your budget comes to light at the end of the meeting.  We'll suggest things within your budget from the beginning and help you avoid disappointment.  If there’s something you had your heart set on that’s outside your budget, talk about it with your planner to see where you can adjust the budget elsewhere to accommodate the increased cake budget.

Fake tiers don’t save you a lot of money.

Despite what you may have been told, using fake tiers won’t cut the cost of your cake by that much.  Flour, sugar, and butter aren’t that expensive.  The real cost of your cake comes in the hours of decorating that are required to create your masterpiece.  Just because the inside isn’t real doesn’t mean the outside takes any less time!


Still haven't decided on a cake decorator for your wedding day?  Run over and check out The Dessert Room.  I guarantee you'll have the best experience and the most beautiful cake...plus you can grab a cookie sandwich (my favorite!) on your way out.  Yum.

Photography (from top to bottom): Andrew Mark Photography, Kurtz Orpia Photography, When He Found Her, Kayla Yestal

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