5 Ways to Make Your Guests Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Your Guests Comfortable

Are your guests going to be comfortable at your wedding?

Wedding planning is all about the details, and you’ve been tirelessly pinning and planning the details for your beautiful day.  You’ve included clever details that share your story, thought about the perfect color palette, and researched what to bring for your bridal emergency kit. You’ve got the perfect dress, beautifully-designed bouquets, a handsome groom, and family and friends who are excited to celebrate with you.

While you’ve made sure your wedding party has everything they’ll need and you’ve packed extra items for yourself, don’t forget about making your guests comfortable as well. After all, you want your wedding to be the one they never forget!

We all love an experience and feeling special.  As a guest, knowing that the bride and groom took time to think of your comfort makes you extra excited to celebrate them!

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Walk through your day

As you plan your wedding day timeline, mentally walk through the day from your guests’ perspective.  What are they going to see when they walk in? Will they be comfortable during your outdoor ceremony? What can you do or provide that will make their experience absolutely amazing?

Provide comfort

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Making your guests comfortable can be as simple as providing parasols or programs that double as fans for your summer afternoon ceremony or creating a water and lemonade station pre-ceremony.

Maybe you’re having a beautiful, breezy beach affair and they’ll have to walk a long flight of stairs from the cottage to the sand in their wedding finery (including heels and fancy dress shoes!). Create a beautifully-designed space with buckets of flip-flops in various sizes so they can leave their shoes and fully enjoy your ceremony instead of worrying about ruining their shoes.

Make it easy

Lay out your day in a way that makes sense--make every step simple.  If your wedding is taking place in a remote location, provide maps in your invitation and post signs by the road to catch their attention.  Direct guests to the next event (or the bathrooms!) with directional signs.  Make your seating chart highly visible, explain how your unique guestbook idea works and answer their “what’s next?” questions before they begin to ask them.  “They’re so thoughtful!” will be the only thing on their minds.

Make them feel welcome

Greet your guests with a glass of chilled lemonade, a note that shares you’re excited to have them, or designated greeters to say hello and guide them to the next point of the day.  Treat your wedding as an extension of the hospitality you have when hosting in your home!

Out-of-town guests provide a unique opportunity when it comes to welcoming.  Create welcome baskets for their hotel room with an itinerary of events, comfort food, maps, a list of things to do in the area, and a personalized note from you!

Thank them

Don’t forget to show your appreciation for their presence by thanking them.  Add a sweet note to the back of your menus or with a sign on the favor table.  Best of all, thank them personally during your speech and while chatting with them on the dance floor.  Expressing gratitude is a beautiful way to end your big day.

Make your guest experience unparalleled and they’ll be talking about your wedding forever. Take the time to imagine what it would be like as a guest at your own wedding so you can enhance your guests’ comfort while celebrating the important commitment you and your sweetheart are making to each other.

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