How to Make a Wedding Welcome Basket

How to Make a Wedding Welcome Basket

We chatted about welcoming your guests as part of making them feel comfortable. One of my favorite ways to do that is to provide welcome baskets for your out-of-town wedding guests.

A wedding welcome basket is also a way to infuse meaningful details into your big day. By including your favorite snacks, locally-sourced items, etc., you’re creating a unique experience and your guests are able to enjoy things that matter to you!


5 things to include in your welcome basket

1. Maps + Important Info. Since your guests aren’t from the area, providing them with maps and important addresses is extremely helpful. If you’re hosting a post-wedding brunch or a rehearsal dinner, the wedding welcome basket is a great place to tuck in the details about these events as well!

2. Snacks.  We all know how arduous travelling can be–even when it’s for exciting reasons!  Use the welcome basket to share your favorite snack with your loved ones.  Is there something you two are known for consuming by the bucketful?  Utilize the local shops for great ideas as well.  Snacks that are unique to the area add to the wedding experience for your guests.  

3. Beverages.  Whether it’s a tasty bottled pop, beer (or wine) from your favorite brewery in town, or custom water bottles, your guests will be sure to thank you for your thoughtfulness.  

4. A Little Note.  No gift is complete without a special note from you because nothing shows appreciation like a handwritten note.  Take a moment to express your gratitude for their presence at your wedding, encourage them to dig into the treats, and share your excitement about celebrating with them!

5. A Souvenir.  This is a great way to really dig into the local area where your wedding is taking place.  Choose something sweet that reflects your unique wedding location and they’ll be sure to look at it with fond memories for years to come!


Welcome your out-of-town guests in style.  Share your love for your wedding’s location and create a wonderful experience for them as they come to celebrate with the two of you on this special occasion!

Photography by Carolyn Bentum Photography

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