Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Congratulations!  You’re getting married and Pinterest has become your best friend.  With all those ideas, you’ve started looking at hiring a decorator for that gorgeous head table backdrop, beautiful tent chandeliers, and renting candles and the perfect lounge area.  Because you have a decorator, you aren’t convinced you need a planner as well.  

I’ve teamed up with Krystle from A Night to Remember Event Design to give you a peek behind the scenes of how a wedding day actually unfolds and how a planner and decorator work seamlessly together.  We completely understand you’re brand new at planning a wedding and want to show you a bird's eye view of your wedding day.

Let's dig into the first three reasons your decorator wants you to hire a planner.  (Want all six reasons right now? Head over to the Resource Library and find the “Planner vs. Decorator” file.)

Confirmation of Product Quantity

Your decorator will always try to confirm the quantity of linen and backdrop material needed with the venue to make sure they're on the same page, but if the venue doesn't respond, she's left on her own.

A planner knows exactly what's been ordered, where it's going, and for which purpose, and she'll confirm your order with the decorator prior to your wedding day.

Floorplan Design

Floorplans and room layouts are hard if you've never done them before!  Measurements need to be taken of everything so what you get on paper looks the same in real life.

Even if the venue creates one for you, often they don't confirm how many seats were set at each table.  When rental chairs or charger plates are delivered and set according to the place settings already on the table, your decorator might be short a number despite confirming guest count with you. 

Your planner will do a walk-through of the room and confirm that the number of settings placed on each table matches the plan you created together.

Direct Vendors

When vendors begin arriving on site for set-up in a multi-room venue, they may not be aware which room is yours!  This can result in wasted time (if they set up in the wrong space) and unnecessary stress for both you and the vendor who wants to be performing at their top level for you.

When a planner confirms details with your vendors one-to-two weeks before your big day, these pertinent details are covered as well, ensuring every part of your wedding day team is on the same page and able to run like a well-oiled machine.

A planner is your Type-A Sidekick who knows every aspect of your wedding day.

So, should you hire a planner?

Your decorator is a vendor, much like the florist and DJ, who take great pride in their portion of the wedding, but don't get to see the full picture before the big day!  Because they generally aren't provided the nitty-gritty details of what everyone else is doing, they can't be expected to take care of every issue that may arise.  A planner is your Type-A Sidekick who knows every aspect of your wedding day, helped you with every step of the way, and checked (and double-checked!) every wish you made.  While you’re sipping a mimosa and savouring every getting-ready moment with your girls, your planner is being your advocate with your wedding day team to bring your big day to life.

Your decorator recommends it!

But, wait! There’s even MORE that a planner will take care of that your decorator can’t (because she can’t stay all day!).  Jump over to the Resource Library and find the “planner vs. decorator” file.  The last three tips are ones you don’t usually think about!

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