2018 Business + Life Mission

2018 Business + Life Mission

Happy new year, friends!  I hope your holidays and celebrations were full of the good stuff and that you're as excited about what 2018 will hold as I am!  Back in December, during my sabbatical, I dedicated some time to cultivating good goals.  I spent a week going through the Powersheets prepwork and let my goal ideas sit for a few days before making them official.

And, you know what?  They might change as the year goes on!  We were created for seasons, so our goals adapt and grow as we do.  I'll be doing monthly check-ins this year so you can see how I use my Powersheets to track my progress.  This year has some amazing things in store that I can't wait to share with you!

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One of the things I love is choosing a word for the year.  Over the past five years, I've used very different words that reflected the very different seasons of life from intentional (pushing myself forward) to nourish (taking care of everything I already had before investing in new things).

As I ended 2017 and reflected on the year, I realized I'd brought "nourishing" far and was ready to take action again.  It's incredible what rest can do for you!  

Remember: rest is necessary for good growth!

Seeing everyone's amazing word choices pop up on social media always simultaneously inspires me and makes me compare my own....but her's is SO good (maybe I should do that one, too).  Anyone else feel that way?

However, I kept being drawn to these two words (yep, I couldn't shake one or the other, so I'm embracing them both!): Steward + Serve.  I've made them into my "slogan" for the year. 

Steward + Serve

For 2018, I feel confident that my goals align with those words more clearly than ever before.  That makes me excited!  As Lara says, "Good goals help you steward what you've been given well."  I'm going to focus on stewarding the blessings we've received: our family time, our finances, our health and what we eat, our relationships.  

"Serve" comes into play most significantly in my business.  I'm ready to dig in again and grow.  I see this clearly in serving: my clients, my colleagues, my blog readers and social media followers, and new brides who are looking for guidance!  It's safe to say I can't even wait to cultivate this word and give away more than ever.

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"I do not want to live my days by accident.  I want to live on PURPOSE, and use all the gifts I've been given to help others do the same." -- Lara Casey, Powersheets

That quote is highlighted and sticker-adorned, and I gave the page a fancy tab to help me find it when I need a little perspective and a refresh.

On the other side of that bookmarked page is my "Big Picture" vision board.  I went ahead and made it prettier this year and even printed out a copy to hang on my fridge.  2018 is going to be about focusing on the following: travel, health, joy, fresh blooms, creating, hospitality, creating a life-giving home, more snuggles, and finding inspiration everywhere.

Powersheets Goal Vision Board

This post was supposed to include sharing my goals, but once I started writing, it got really long and deep!  Whoops.  So, I split it into a few days.  Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my personal goals for 2018 and, Thursday, my business goals.

Tell me: have you chosen a word for the year?

Personal Goals for 2018

Personal Goals for 2018

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