5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding can be a big decision.  Which one will fit all your guests comfortably?  Does it fit in your budget?  Which venue do you love?  You just have to find one that meets ALL those criteria.  Simple, right?  

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It's something that can cause a lot of stress during wedding planning, so let's break it down with these five tips. 

Chat about expectations

Have a chat with your main squeeze about expectations.  When the two of you think about the ideal wedding venue, what comes to mind?  Choose a few possibilities that meet in the middle if your tastes are varied.  

Consider your budget and guest list

Budget and guest list dilemmas often trump your "ideal venue" and that's okay.  It's your story and you'd hate to cut out guests you care about simply to fit a certain venue.  Ask yourself: what are you comfortable spending on a venue?  How many guests is reasonable for you to expect?

Ask all the questions

Ask what's included with the venue package. Do they expect you to use certain vendors or require a coordinator? Are there extra rental fees for tables, chairs, linens, etc? Some venues include the space as a blank slate which then requires you to find a caterer, tables, chairs, linen, tableware, and more.  Others include their in-house chef and service staff, all table requirements, an in-house DJ, and floral arrangements from their preferred florist.  It's important to find out all the details so you can make an informed budget and final venue decision.

Know your style

It can be difficult to make a really rustic venue look elegant and vice versa.  What kind of style are you envisioning for your big day?  Do you feel comfortable there? What's your first style impression when you enter the room?

Consider multiple weddings

Many venues have the capability to host two (or more!) weddings at the same time.  Is that something you're comfortable with or would you rather have a location to yourself and your guests?  If being one of a few weddings is not your cup of tea, many venues won't be a good fit for you (and that's okay!).

Ready to start planning or need a Type-A sidekick to help you make decisions?  Late-2018 and 2019 dates are available, and I'd love to chat about your special day.  

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