5 Tips for Planning your Wedding Stationery

5 Tips for Planning your Wedding Stationery

One of my goals this year is to provide valuable content about wedding planning and try to touch on all the facets of your big day!  While I have a very detailed look at my client's wedding days, I have only a general knowledge of the niche areas like stationery, cake design, and photography,  Because of this (but still determined to bring you the most valuable content ever!), I've enlisted the help of some of my sweet friends to give you their best tips!

Wedding stationery can be exhausting to figure out.  Should you go with a traditional full suite with calligraphed envelopes or is that a waste of paper?  Would it be easier to forego the typical invitation route and stick to a wedding website?  What about those gorgeous custom boxed invitations?

How to Plan Wedding Stationery

With hundreds of options and no right or wrong answers, Alicia from Alicia's Infinity is here to share her top five things to think about when you're looking for wedding invitations.  

First impressions count!

Invitations are the first piece of the wedding that your guests will see.  They absolutely set the tone for the big day.  Guest feel comfortable when they arrive to an aesthetic that they anticipated from the invitation, so introducing the theme/colours/pattern from the first interaction is always a great start.  Having a cohesive aesthetic/theme/design or decor element can really make a wedding at any price point feel perfectly put together. 

Even if it's a certain colour or pattern that is included in your invitations, flowers, table decor and signage, it helps pull everything together.  The paper goods are a great place to start with and feature that.   Having coordinating table pieces like placecards, menus, and table numbers really add that visual interest to a setting. It's almost like an accessory to an outfit - the dishes and silverware are a great base, but the centrepieces and paper goods are like the jewellery that takes it to the next level.

Consider digital vs. traditional.

Many couples are starting to just send invitations with digital RSVP options, rather than a formal RSVP card (which brings down the cost).  However, I also still have about 50% that like the more traditional enclosure cards.  My brides tend to be more open-minded and creative when it comes to the visuals and graphics, but like to have that spread across an invitation, RSVP card, and often a map card.  

Educate yourself on pricing.

A common question that is always difficult to answer in a general way is "How much do invitations cost?".  Pricing depends on quantity, number of insert cards, level of customization, size of pieces, paper type, embellishments, envelope printing, belly bands, etc. Lots of factors to consider!  I don't have set packages, as everyone is unique in what they need.  Instead, I quote per item so my clients can pick and choose which are most important to them if budget is an issue.  Each client gets quoted individually, as everyone has different quantities and items they're looking for.  We can usually work something out that fits!  Often I quote for the day-of stationery (placecards, menus, signage, etc.) at the beginning as well.  My clients can decide at a later date if they'd like to move forward with it, and they usually do!  

Ask yourself if stationery is a priority for you.

When looking at pricing, you often get what you pay for in terms of design and customer service.  There may be less expensive options to choose from, but they are more likely to be the cookie cutter companies/websites that have limited customization options.  If stationery isn't one of your wedding priorities, this could be a good fit for you.  If you want something that stands out from the crowd or something more personal and unique to you, you may want to look for an artist or a designer.  When you work one-on-one with a designer, you get to make your paper goods into whatever fits your style and needs perfectly.  I have collections that are ready to go or I can paint you a watercolour illustration (that you get to keep to frame) and design a completely new and custom stationery design from scratch.  

Don't forget the envelope! 

One thing my clients don't think of at the beginning is envelope printing.  It can be time-consuming for them, and I can make it pretty with some artwork from their invitations.  What a lovely way to introduce your invitation in the mail (rather than messy handwriting or a business-like sticker). 

Bonus Quick Tips:

#1. When determining the number of invitations you'll need in order to get a quote, make sure to count up the households you’ll be mailing to, not the number of people.  I also recommend ordering 10 extra sets for additional guests and keepsakes.  

#2. Make sure your special paper gets it's moment in the spotlight!  Send an invitation suite to the photographer before the wedding.  That way, they can photograph your stationery before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day!  I'm going to start doing that.[line]

Curious about other things?  Alicia has a FAQ section on her website that may have some more ideas for you! 

Title Image Credit: Van Daele + Russell Photography // Simply Sealed

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