Chocolate Chip Cookie Legacy

Chocolate Chip Cookie Legacy

Meaningful legacies make my heart sing.  When my sweet couples bring a bit of their story into their big day or carry over a family wedding tradition, I'm reminded of the power of marriage and building your own legacy for your future children.  I'm so passionate about creating your own legacy that I started this lifestyle side of the blog.  Your legacy doesn't end at your wedding day; it's just beginning.  How beautiful and special!

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For some, their best memories growing up are cooking with grandma, fishing trips with dad, or certain holiday traditions.  For me, it's Black Friday shopping with my mom and these chocolate chip cookies.

As long as I can remember, my mom has baked this recipe.  These cookies were always there to greet us in our lunches, after school, or at the end of a long day.  When I moved out of the house (and country!), it was a slice of home that I took with me.

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Family Recipe
Chocolate Chip

Since then, I've used this recipe time and again as a way to serve others, to greet my husband after work, and (soon!), I hope to make them with my sons and make it a part of my legacy for them.


Because they've brought so much simple joy and love to others' lives, I'm excited to have created these images with Christine to share this simple and quick recipe with you.  I hope it brings you as much joy as it has us and our friends. 

After baking, we took the opportunity to get a little creative and, while wrangling the little dudes, we whipped up a few of these stunning images.  I think my heart stopped when I saw them!  So much prettiness... (no cookie was harmed in the making of these images).

Food Photography Cookies
Family Baking Recipe

Baking cookies has never been easier or more delicious.  Eat the cookie dough at your own disappears quickly; save some for the oven!  (Yep, it's that tasty.)  

The Recipe

Simple ChocolateChip cookies.png

Happy baking and legacy-building, sweet friend.  Share your experience by tagging me on Instagram (@spunkysapphire).  I'd love to see how you're using this recipe!

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