How to Host a Dinner Party

How to Host a Dinner Party

So often, I hear women say they wish they could host more, but they don't feel like they have what it takes or their home isn't Pinterest-perfect.  Today, I'm here to tell you: those things don't matter.  Let's tackle three common excuses about hosting at home.

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Excuse #1: I get too stressed out trying to be the perfect host and check all the boxes of the Pinterest-worthy party.  I get it.  Like everything we do, we want it to be perfect.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  Nothing is perfect; what's your standard of "perfection" right now?  Something really beautiful on Pinterest?

That perfectly styled party on the blog you read most definitely had a team of stylists, months and months of prep, design boards, possibly a personal chef, and probably a house cleaner.  (Um, where do I sign up for that?)

Kick perfection to the curb.

Now, I'm not here to say those parties are bad or not intentional or genuine.  I'm a huge fan of parties like that, and, just because it's big, doesn't mean it's less meaningful.  But, if building our communities and investing in relationships is getting side-lined because of our self-imposed expectations to create that?  That's a shame.  (I'm totally guilty of this, too.)  Your people want to gather together, eat a little food, and have meaningful conversations that make them feel like they're not alone and that we all struggle with "balance" or juggling kids or work troubles.  It's about building your village, not your portfolio.

Excuse #2: I'm terrible in the kitchen.  Keep it simple.  When we get invited somewhere, I don't expect to be getting a gourmet dinner.  After all, if I wasn't going out, I was going to have eggs for dinner. :)  We accept that invitation because of the people and because we want to be part of something.  

It's about building your village.

So, keep a bag of chips and a jar of salsa in your pantry, some cookies in the freezer so you never feel like you have nothing to serve.  Head over to your favourite store and grab some fresh veggies, meat, and cheese and assemble a platter with crackers or breads.  And, remember, you can buy all these items ready-made, too.  No shame in that game, my friend!

Personally, when I'm feeling frazzled about hosting because the week has suddenly been crazy or something, my go-to's are a homemade pizza (I always have frozen pre-made crusts on hand), a warm easy-to-make dip, and a meat and cheese platter.  Boom.  Gourmet food in no time and with no stress.

Keep it simple!

Excuse #3: Our home has an awkward layout (or hand-me-down furniture or not enough seating or bare walls, etc).  What?  Your home doesn't look like a magazine feature?  Totally raising my hand over here, too!  Again, remember why you're hosting - it's not to impress people with your things; it's to show up for them again and again and be part of community.  Sure, your kitchen may be a little closed-off room; but if you put the food and company in your living room, that's where people will be.  Hand-me-down mismatched furniture?  We're all there or have been!  

It may not feel glamorous to you, but if there's an open home for people to gather in, they'll come and not even think about the seat.  And, another little secret?  We're the most critical of our own homes, so stop worrying!

Ready to cultivate your own community, have real conversations, and build genuine relationships?  I've got a freebie to help you get started.  Grab your FREE Dinner Party Planner to plan an easy, care-free get-together.  Stress is not invited to this party!

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