Personal Goals for 2018

Personal Goals for 2018

How are you feeling about the new year?  Are you ready to tackle your mission with renewed energy and focus?  Maybe you're feeling a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed by the potential that a big, blank, open year holds.

Remember, it's one baby step at a time.  Life requires growing through the dirt, just like my beloved peonies do!  And, we were created for seasons: create goals for the season you're in now.  In three months, if life looks a little different, update, reword, or scrap them completely and build new ones.  If you need a little help, check out Lara Casey's goal-setting series.

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Yesterday, I shared my words for 2018 and my big picture (because who doesn't love a pretty graphic on their fridge and at their desk?!). 

Today, I'm excited to let you in on a few of my goals.  Please don't read this and compare yours to mine.  Good goals are about cultivating what matters to you and are customizable. I'm simply sharing to keep myself accountable and to share a little of my heart (prepare for a little've been warned :) ).  Let's get started!

Personal Goals

Steward our finances well.  We've been given much, and I've felt the responsibility of taking care of that as I get older.  I feel like we've been in the college/getting married/buying a house stage for a number of years (totally normal!), but now that we're a bit more settled, we can think about the future more clearly.  That means planning for retirement (blaaah), our kiddos' futures, travelling the world (wink), and giving more.  My why: to be a blessing to others and teach my kids to do the same.

Take better care of our health.  This one's a doozy.  Why do eating well and exercising take back seats when life gets busy?!  We should know by now that those things help us do life better, but we're always quick to prioritize other things. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but has made me feel like I've lost control of my body.  Cravings are a battle and exhaustion makes me throw together the most convenient thing for dinner more often than not.  Working out?  Oh, sure, when I can breathe properly--which is practically never.  I'm one of those "weird" people who enjoys a good workout.  Once I've laced up and committed to doing it, I feel amazing and will often go for a run just to clear my head and regain focus.  I'm including feeding Dominic and Darren good food in this goal as well.  We've been loving Lisa Leake's 100 Days of Real Food cookbooks.  If you've got any great resources, I'm all ears!

This year is my year.  I'll be focusing just on eating properly this month since our newest addition is due the beginning of February.  After I've been cleared by my doc post-baby, I'll be diving back into the Tone It Up program. Love those girls and the way they simplify my health.

My why: to be strong for our family, play with my kids, and share the importance of healthy living with them.

Intentionally build our legacy. Darren and I are notorious for having the best of intentions...and then being lazy about putting in the work.  (face palm)  Welp, with almost two little ones, I'm determined to build a legacy for them that we're proud to pass on.  It's easy when they're little to say, "Well, they won't remember this anyway," but you have to start when they're little so it's easier as they get older!  Or, so I've decided, anyway.  :)

I'm excited to create our family values (love this one by Lindsay Letters for Emily Ley), simplify our home even more (Read A Simplified Life to help you get started--so good.), and make a bucket list for each season to start some new traditions and make some great memories.  My why: to be a reflection of how we serve.

Cultivate my relationships.  Relationships are so important.  The strongest ones make life even better, but it takes work to cultivate and deepen them.  Obviously, my number one relationship is my marriage.  2017 was crazy, and we let time with just the two of us fall to the wayside.  2018 is the year of the date night!  We've partnered with another couple to trade off babysitting duties once a month so we can each take a little time to strengthen our marriages.  I highly recommend this--it's so fun!

While I'm great at sending snail mail and encouragement and can't wait to do more of that, I sometimes forget to check in with family just to see how they're doing.  I'm working on that this year.  My why: to have a strong marriage and be a more joyful mama and giving friend.

What are some of your goals this year?  Share them in a comment below; I'd love to be your accountability buddy!  Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my business goals and how I'll track my progress.

Alright, y'all.  I'm not getting anything for sharing all the links in this post with you!  They're simply tools I've fallen in love with and that have worked for me and my family.  Sharing is caring, right?  :)

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