Why Meaningful Details Matter

Why Meaningful Details Matter

It's all in the details. That's what they say, right?

It's true: details make your event an experience. When it comes to wedding planning, we put a lot of effort into details we found on Pinterest (and fell in love with) without considering if they actually mean something to us and our love story.

Ask yourself these two questions.

In wedding design, there are two questions to ask yourself when it comes to your detail wishlist.

#1. Does this fit the theme/style/overall design? Does it make sense here?

#2. Why do we want to include it? Does it mean something or is it just fluff?

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When I first meet with clients, many of them whip out their Pinterest wedding boards where they've pinned #allthethings.  Most preface this with, "The bottom half of this board are things I don't really like anymore."  Feeling a bit like that, too?

As soon as you get engaged (and many times, even before you get that bling!), you start looking for wedding inspiration and everything that catches your eye gets a spot on the board. It's all so exciting!  Eventually, you start to narrow your search down to your favorites, but, usually, there're still a few stragglers on the board that are just so cute and you really want to use them.

Do they make sense with your design?

This is where curating your style comes into play.  When clients book with SSE, one of the first things I do is take their inspiration and curate it into one cohesive design board.  This way, they can base every design choice on this board; if it doesn't fit with the story, it gets the boot.

Sometimes, details play a part in your wedding because they mean something in your family or are part of your heritage.  And that's where knowing your story is vital.  What means a lot to you as a couple?  It could be the custom drawing of your grandparents' home sketched on your invitations because you're getting married there or having homemade cookies as your favors because the two of you are die-hard chocolate-chip-cookie-fiends.

Meaningful details make all the difference.

It's so easy to get carried away with #allthethings that the event begins to look really cluttered while lacking that sentimental feeling and meaning that we crave.

Meaningful details, on the other hand, help shape the day, share a bit about the couple, and create a story for everyone to experience. The beauty in those thoughtfully-chosen details really shines.


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