Date Night Ideas for Engaged Couples

Date Night Ideas for Engaged Couples

Remember when you first met and date night happened as often as you could make it work? Remember the fun things you chose to do together? The things that brought a new side of that special person to light and helped you learn more about them and fall even more in love? Yep, those were fun!

What about now? Have you found yourself buried under wedding plans and not scheduling time for the two of you to just be together and catch up without an agenda?

I’m using the excuse of Valentine’s Day coming soon as the perfect opportunity to chat about date night--especially as a couple planning a wedding. But, since you’re planning a marriage and not just a wedding day, date night is super important! While planning your big day is one of your top priorities at the moment (on top of living your regular life full of work and family/friend obligations), don’t let the planning take over every conversation you have with each other and suck all the joy out of your relationship! It’s important to remember why you fell in love with your person and dream of the future together.

So, dig back in your memory: what did the two of you love doing together before you got engaged? What things filled you up or made you laugh the hardest? Go do that again!

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Need a few new ideas for the season you’re in?


Plant something together.

Sample new-to-you wines at a local vineyard. Head out to Niagara!

Explore a local botanical garden in bloom. Try Royal Botanical Gardens.


Head to a Blue Jays game.

Plan an outdoor date night.

Host or attend a cookout!


Go camping or hiking.

Head to one of the local fairs (there’s usually one every weekend in September and October!).

Road trip to a local little town. Try Niagara-on-the-Lake or Long Point.


Go ice skating.

Start a new holiday tradition, just the two of you.

Play a board game. Bonus points for inviting friends over for a game night.

Visit an art gallery.

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Here’s my encouragement: commit to something. Maybe you have “wedding-talk-free Wednesdays” or commit to leaving wedding talk at home when you go out for dinner. If you’re not sure what to talk about instead (I get it, talking about your wedding comes so natural right now because it’s so all-consuming), try a few of these fun questions to get the conversation rolling.

If you could be friends with someone famous, who would it be?

What is one adventure you’d like us to experience in our lifetime?

Which five cities are on your must-visit-next list?

Which three people (anyone in the world) would you invite to dinner, and why? What would you eat?

What do you want your life legacy to be?

I’ll be honest, it can feel a bit awkward to find non-wedding things to talk about. After all, you know each other really well at this point (not like when you first started dating) and it may not feel productive to “just chat” when there are all these wedding to-do’s to take care of. Embrace the adventure new questions can take you on; pretend you’re on a podcast interview! Investing in your relationship by dreaming of the future together, continuing to learn about each other, and finding out how you can best show up for the other person is crucial to a strong marriage.

Feel free to take those date night ideas and questions into the future, too! There are date nights where my husband and I don’t know what to talk about, and it definitely helps to ask a random conversation-starter question to get the ball rolling.

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Now that you’ve got a list of great ideas, planning date night just got really simple! One last thing to do: book it in your calendar. Do it now—even if there’s no free day for a few weeks. Make your relationship a priority now and set that habit. It’ll serve you for life, and, someday, you can be one of those adorable little old couples who still hold hands and make you smile.

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