5 Tips for Talking to Wedding Florists

5 Tips for Talking to Wedding Florists

Months ago, I started a mini series on the blog bringing in friends in other areas of the industry to chat about their expertise in their specific field. As a wedding planner, my knowledge of weddings tends to run wide and shallow since I’m required to know everything about planning a wedding. While I’m an expert in timeline planning, organizing people and events, and bringing everything together flawlessly, my vendor friends are experts in their respective fields with their knowledge running very deep in that area.

So! When I decided I wanted to share free tips with brides about what to really do in regards to parts of the wedding process like choosing stationery, meeting with a baker, figuring out their photography needs, and so on, I decided the best way to do that was by roping in my friends to give you expert knowledge on how to be the best, most considerate and thoughtful bride around!

Today, you’re meeting Brandy from La Petite Fleur and Engaged and Confused. She was one of the first florists I had the privilege of working with when I moved here, and while life keeps us both busy, we still keep in touch. When I got to the florist part of this series, I knew just the woman to ask. You can read all about her here and keep reading to hear her top tips for meeting with a florist for your wedding day.

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pre-select some of your favorite inspiration images

When we’re meeting you for the first time, we’d love to get a peak inside your vision. It’s not that we get hung up on exactly what we’re seeing in your photos but rather the feeling that your images evoke. So, try to pick out 3 – 5 of your absolute favorite images and that will take us a long way toward realizing your perfect design.

Preview Portfolios

Once you’ve selected those favorite images, take a moment to browse through your prospective designer’s portfolio online. You don’t need to see your exact design on there but if the feeling you get from those images are similar to the feeling you’d like to see at your wedding, you know you’re on the right track.

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Read Reviews

Reading reviews is important because it gives you a good idea of the focus of your designer. You’ll often see consistent comments between reviews that give you a good idea if this person would be a good fit for you. Even someone with stellar online reviews can have a focus that’s different than your own. It doesn’t take long to do this and it can help you avoid any potential heartache on your special day.

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Know your budget

There’s no wrong answer to “what’s your budget” but understanding what it is ahead of meeting with your designer can be helpful for both of you. This way, if there is a disconnect between what you’re comfortable investing and your dream design, a good designer can help you close the gap. We have lots of experience in different ways of approaching similar styles so we may have ideas of where your budget would be best focused or even a different idea all together that will help get you where you want to be.

Dream with your designer!

We’re artists and we’re here to help you create your perfect day so dream with us … let your imagination loose and don’t worry if it’s something you’ve never seen before or it’s something not currently available on Pinterest ; ) When you find the right artist for your vision, we will have new and exciting ideas for you, I promise!

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I couldn’t agree more with Brandy, especially on the last two points: putting a number out there for your budget and letting the designer do her thing. It’s extremely hard to create something that fits your vision if the florist has no idea what you can spend. Regardless, they’ll be able to create something that is magical, but it creates an awkward conversation if the initial concept is way above or way below your number. Just be upfront about it—no shame in this game.

And, in regard to giving them freedom with your design, I don’t mean let them run roughshod over you and do what they want. However, when you find that perfect-for-you florist, you’ll know you can trust them with your biggest day and your vision for it. Let it go into their capable hands and watch the magic happen. Pinterest is limited these days in what’s possible, and florists are always learning amazing new things (which is where the next trend comes to life—in new things that haven’t been seen yet).

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And, to my Type-A friend who has a hard time letting go (I was/am you, so I get it), meet with a few florists if that makes you more comfortable before choosing the one. Ask your wedding planner or other vendors you’ve already hired for recommendations. We only pass on names of designers we love working with and who we’d trust with our own wedding days. Save yourself some time and frustration by asking around.

Have more questions on choosing vendors or deciding what your vision actually is? I’m putting together a new service for couples who aren’t sure where to start, but who aren’t ready to fully commit to hiring a planner. Sit down with me either virtually or at your favorite coffee shop, and we’ll get some things down on paper and set you up with the next best steps to planning your big day. Sound like something you could use?

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