Free Wedding Planning Templates

Free Wedding Planning Templates

One of the first things you want to do when you get engaged is tell everyone you know that it finally happened and stare at your gorgeous ring a few more times. THEN, your immediate reaction is to start getting organized and planning your big day.

When I got engaged (and maybe you’re like me), “getting organized” meant lining up all the tools and templates I could find. I wanted to make the process easier and I needed a space that allowed me to dump my thoughts somewhere so I wouldn’t lay awake at night wondering if I’d remember this in the morning.


I know I’m not the only Type-A person

who struggles with this.

The problem was this: there wasn’t a perfect-for-me wedding planning binder that had everything I needed or only what I needed. Some of them had so much riffraff that was wasting space, and I for sure knew I didn’t want to be overwhelmed--planning this shindig itself was overwhelming.

When I hopped over to Pinterest to find free printables, there were few options and the ones that existed tended to be all the same. For example, there were tons of budget trackers, but no invitation/guest spreadsheets. How was that going to help me fall asleep faster at night?!

Fast forward three years. When it came time to redesign my website last summer, I began thinking of new ways I could serve existing clients as well as new brides.  One perk of working in the creative industry is that you see a LOT of websites everyday and especially ones that serve other clientele (not brides, but graphic designers, small business owners, etc).  Sometimes, those are where I find my best inspiration!

Free Wedding Planning Tools Templates

After seeing a friend’s new website, I fell in love with her version of a resource library for creative business owners. It was full of marketing, content planning, and sales funnel tips. So brilliant.

Anyway, I digress.  The idea of a Resource Library began to come together and wouldn’t leave me alone.  I already offered clients a few free planning tools and knew there was a ton of room to create more.  

I wanted a way to serve potential clients

and other brides

While my clients will forever and always receive the best resources and creme de la creme of my knowledge (simply by virtue of making the investment in themselves to push for a carefree wedding day and planning process), I wanted a way to serve potential clients and other brides. This was it! Once I fleshed out the idea more with my brand and website designer, we began to put it together, and it quickly became my favorite part of the website.

Currently, there are six tools or templates available, but I’ve got a few more up my sleeve and slated to roll out in the next few months.  For the SSE Mail Crew, these will be available before they’re uploaded to the library, so if you like being the very first to know something, you know what to do.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a bunch of new brides in one space. When I first mentioned getting access to free tools to “dump every thought in your head just so you can fall asleep at night”, I quickly realized how many brides feel this exact thing! I was met with laughs and responses like, “Oh my word, how did you know?!” and “YES. I need that!”.

It still happens to me today: I’m in that “twilight zone” of almost asleep when a thought comes crashing into my brain. These days, while I don’t have my own wedding to plan anymore, it tends to be:

  • a great blog idea

  • marketing strategy

  • something I want to add to my client experience

  • something I forgot to do today that I have to do first thing tomorrow

Even though the content of my thoughts has changed, I’m always annoyed.  WHY did this idea wait to come to me now when I’m oh-so-cozy-warm in bed and almost asleep?!  Then I do this juggle: do I come out of my cocoon to write it down or put it in my phone, knowing if I do so, I’ll remember even without looking at the note OR do I just put it on a shelf and pray I remember it in the morning...hmmm.

Don’t be that frustrated bride taking a gamble on how your memory will hold up. ha!

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Here’s my advice. If your last thought before you fall sleep is, “Do I get out of bed to write this down so I don’t forget it or do I risk the 50/50 chance of it coming back to mind tomorrow?”, STOP. You’ll get better sleep if you download the free templates, braindump (yep, I made that a verb) your mind to a blank space, and fall into bed thinking only of how blessed you are and with excitement for your big day. You deserve better sleep!

Have the templates but need a little extra help and guidance? Girl, you know where to find me. Let’s get you feeling excited again!

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