Wedding Planner Perspectives + Pet Peeves

Wedding Planner Perspectives + Pet Peeves

I typically write serious (with tiny side of sass) informative blog posts with the purpose of educating and helping you on the path to planning the best wedding ever. My mission with SSE is to help as many brides as I can to plan a beautiful beginning to married life while keeping their sanity and perspective on what really matters in life.

I’ve had the pleasure of featuring friends like The Dessert Room, Alicia’s Infinity, La Petite Fleur and others, but felt like my planner friends also had wisdom to share. So here we are: a hilarious-but-insightful peek into the mind of the wedding planner.

We’re always thinking about you, our sweet clients…

I also need sleep and family time, I see your email and will respond ASAP (sending 3 follow ups in 24 hours isn’t necessary), give me some grace.

We are always thinking about you (our clients) even if we aren't emailing with you every 3 minutes or with you physically.

Trust us to do the job you hired us for…

This isn't the first time I've done this... Don’t be inconsiderate or disrespectful of my personal time, boss me around instead of working WITH me, or negotiate my rate.

We are as invested in your wedding as you are, and we want it to go perfectly! This is personal to us too! Let me do my job and copy me on all vendor communications.

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Our thoughts on your family and guests…

Huge pet peeve: guests who don’t follow direction. It’s about the couple!

Yell at your future MIL to back off, and make your groom care more about the details of the day (most of them just don't care about centrepieces or napkin colour).

We hate it when the mom or bridesmaids come to spy on set up.

There are things we can’t do for you!

…we’re not your personal assistant or secretary.

We can’t: make money grow on trees for that extra whatever, be DJ or MC, or cut a cake and make it pretty.

I once had a potential couple ask if I would pick up their Toronto-based photographer to drive them to the venue in Niagara and back home again at the end of the night. The couple knew the photographer didn’t drive and took it upon themselves to arrange for their transportation and thought hiring a wedding coordinator was a solution.

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Hilarious things we think about:

During dinner, we look like gophers trying to see the DJ from our table and listen to cues. Makes me laugh every time.

I once had a couple disappointed that I couldn’t meet on Saturdays during wedding season.

And, when you read the article that said you don’t need to feed your planner or photographers…

We don’t eat! We need a full meal on wedding days. Girl’s gotta eat.

The friends who so generously and willingly gave their soundbites (and who I would trust with my own wedding!) are the following:

KJ and Co (Burlington)

Frid Events (Ottawa)

The Wedding PIxie (Hamilton)

Harper Hadley Events (Iowa)

Amanda Cowley Events (St. Catharines/Niagara)

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Photos by Kate Pennings Photography

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