The Story of SSE + A New Site!

The Story of SSE + A New Site!

Welcome to the new home of Spunky Sapphire Events!  It feels a little surreal to have made it to this point in my business, but I’m so very grateful to the couples who entrusted their special day to my care and make it possible for me to live this life.  You’re special to me and will always have a piece of my heart; can we do your wedding day over again?!


I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared my full story so I thought I’d delve a bit farther into it today.  Some of you may know that I graduated from culinary school before launching my business.  While I never had the desire to run a restaurant, my purpose for going that route was to learn another side of the hospitality industry and apply it to wedding planning when I got there.

Before applying to culinary school, I’d had a taste of weddings for about seven years while working catering jobs and had an inkling that that’s what I wanted to pursue.  The delicate balance of chaos and calm that a wedding day entails and the greater purpose of that special day (a new marriage and legacy beginning!) were both extremely attractive to me and tugged at my heart.


During my internship, both parts of my life came together and solidified my passion for helping couples plan a meaningful beginning to married life and bringing it to life for them so they could soak up every fleeting moment of their wedding day.


When I started this business five years ago, after moving to a new country with a very small life budget (former barista here), the dream of getting to this point—being able to have a beautiful, heart-centered online home and the sweetest couples to serve every season—seemed so far out of reach.  Sprinkled in with that dream was a whole lot of doubt in the possibilities and even more hustle to make it happen.  When it comes down to it, goals and dreams are awesome, but you must DO THE WORK.  It’s not glamorous, it’s not Instagram-worthy or Pinterest-perfect, but it’s required.  Most days, it sucks; I’m not going to gloss it over.  I can promise you this, though: It’s so worth it.  You’ll surprise yourself, and that may just be the best part of it all. 😊

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So!  Sometimes I do miss the kitchen and the organized bedlam that it entailed, but I love applying those same techniques of order and organization to my clients’ wedding days and working with the greatest venues and caterers extremely well by speaking their language (yep, kitchens have a language all their own!).


These days, my mission is to focus on marriage by taking away indecisiveness and worry and replacing them with love and time well-spent.  You can find me working hard to serve my clients, future clients, and blog readers who may never hire me with content and tools to build their legacy and love their people well.  I’m geeking out over the new Resource Library that will keep growing with planning tools for the Type-A bride and hosting tips for the newlyweds.  I’d love for you to check it out, share it on Instagram, and tag @spunkysapphire so I can see how you’ve put the tools to use!  Take the freebie, friend, this one’s on me.


The blog is back, baby!  After a brief hiatus due to website construction, I’ve got content lined up for the rest of the year.  There will be tips for every step of the planning process, recipes to try for those busy weeknights together, and simple party hacks for hosting in your own home stress-free!  Stay tuned.

Finally, I’m so grateful for all the vendors in this industry who’ve become friends, who’ve trusted my vision and been part of the greatest teams ever.  Huge thanks to Deandra from Simply Sealed for this amazing new site (I literally cannot stop happy-dancing) and for thinking outside the box on this thing.  And the photos you see here?  Well, they would’ve never been possible without the trained eye and shutter-finger of my biz bestie, Christine.  (Shameless plug: if you’re looking for brand photography or family portraits or your own wedding photographer, check her out!)  She’s captured the sweetest moments of our little family and the hilarious (and cute!) parts of raising boys.


Thank you for reading this, for celebrating with me, for believing in me (ahem, best husband and best parents), and for graciously letting me into your life.  I hope you come back and find value here.  But, mostly, I hope you take this and run wildly toward your own legacy and future and love on your people hard because that’s the grandest thing of all. Xo

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