On a day where there would be many things to think about, Anna made me feel like there was one less thing to worry about. She made my day happen! As the bride, I always felt so relaxed that my wedding was going to be smooth and beautiful.

— Melina

I plan events for a living, but wanted someone to coordinate on the wedding day so I could fully enjoy the day. Anna provided advice as we went through the timeline, fully understood my concerns leading up to the wedding day, and took care of them. I never had a worry throughout the day as I knew Anna was in charge and had everything in order. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help with our day!

— Nadine 

Louci + Sarkis

Planning a wedding for 260+ guests is a lot of work. Hiring Anna was the best investment we made leading up to our wedding. We didn't have to worry about a thing and everything turned out spectacularly. Guests were happy, and, most importantly, we got to enjoy ourselves without stressing about the details at the last minute.

— Louci + Sarkis

Holly + Jordan

We are so grateful that Anna came into our lives. From the beginning, I felt a connection and knew that by trusting her with the details of our special day, everything would run smoothly.
She made our day the most picture-perfect, non-stressful fairy tale.
— Holly and Jordan