Wedding Management gives you the opportunity to stay in charge but still have time for fun-filled date nights, chats with your grandma, and inspiring walks through Indigo.


Here's what you get with wedding management:

  • Three consultation hours to make some sense of all that info running through your head.

  • Expertise in your back pocket, so you can safely trust someone else to do the hard work, which means you get to savour every minute of your wedding day.

  • Custom wedding day timeline, so you can see exactly how your big day will flow and know your entire vendor team is on the same page.

  • Management of on-site details and timing, so you don’t have to watch the clock and can sip that mimosa slowly.

  • Access to a fully-stocked Emergency Kit, so you can be covered in those unplanned moments and pat yourself on the back for thinking ahead!


  • A built-for-you budget worksheet

  • An all-inclusive wedding guest tracker (right down to you sending them a thank-you note!)

  • The SSE wedding planning checklist so you can whip out those coloured markers and get things done in a jiffy.

  • The SSE guide to your photography timeline from a real photographer to help you make the most of every minute on your wedding day.



Unlimited communication with me, so we can pinpoint your wedding woes and tie everything neatly together with a big ol’ Kate Spade bow.

A personal wedding stylist at your fingertips so you know everything’s styled beautifully without feeling pressured to do it yourself!




Fill in the Client Survey and let’s chat! We’ll meet in person or virtually, decide we’re meant to be, and get you all set up to begin this journey.


You’ll send me your vendor contracts, I’ll send you the amazing planning tools, and we’ll start your timeline and communicate throughout the entire process like two over-sharing old ladies.


You’re getting married! On your wedding day, I’ll be your Type-A sidekick while you enjoy yourself, eat every flavourful bite, and feel everything except rushed and anxious. I’ll keep your day on track, your details in line, and your wedding day crew excited to serve you.


Forgive my manners! Let me introduce myself.

I’m Anna, your Type-A, detail-obsessed clone who will closely manage your wedding day details like it’s my own big day so you can focus on your sweet guy, that new “wifey” title that looks so good on you, and celebrating with your favourite people. With my 10 years in the industry, you can count on me to communicate well and keep things moving just as you’ve dreamed they would.


I’m really Type-A; is that okay?

You bet. We’ll get you feeling in control and savouring the moment on your wedding day, I promise.

How much will you communicate with us?

As much as you need.  I’m an over-communicator with a detail-obsessed personality and understand the terror of not hearing back from someone.  Don’t worry; I’ve got you!

How does payment work?

You’ll receive an invoice from Wave with your contract.  In order for your date to be saved, a signed contract must be paired with a pre-determined retainer.  The remaining amount may be paid in one lump sum up to a month before your big day or in smaller installments.  The final payment must be paid one month prior to your wedding.

I have more questions.  How can I get in touch?

You can check out the FAQ page for more answers and feel free to email with any questions you may have. Let’s make this decision easy for you!